Dataset on return migrants


Why do some return migrants reintegrate back home better than others? Why do patterns of reintegration vary so much? To what extent does gender impact on reintegration? Which factors shape the ability of some migrants to transfer their skills and social rights after return? Which resources (e.g., human capital, financial capital, networks and social capital) sustain returnees’ reintegration processes; and to what extent? In sum, what do we know about post-return conditions and how returnees’ aspirations, subjectivities and prospects back home can be analyzed and understood?


Among many others, these are the issues addressed by the CRIS project, in the framework of the Return migration and Development Platform (RDP). A comprehensive field survey was carried out in early 2012, based on 1095 face-to-face interviews made with migrants who returned to Armenia, Mali and Tunisia. Interviewees were migrants, men and women, who returned to their country of origin, over the last ten years, after having been an international migrant (whether short-term or long-term) in another country (for at least one year), and who, at the time of the survey, returned for more than three months.

Advanced Users can download the full database (see below). The Database on Return Migrants (DReM) is compressed (zipped) in a folder containing the formats in SPSS and in American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII).

We have considered various sets of comparative analysis. Please click on the icons below to browse the descriptive analyses based on a series of cross-tabulations and graphs:



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All the variables contained in the DReM strictly refer to those contained in the three-stage questionnaire that was used by the research team during the implementation of the field survey.


Also, we strongly recommend reading the methodology of the CRIS survey before using the database and consulting the terminological glossary.


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