The field survey carried out in the framework of CRIS is comparative and cross-regional. It focuses so far on three countries of return located in three different regions: Armenia, Mali and Tunisia. Fieldwork started in February 2012 and ended in August 2012. We plan to expand the geographical coverage to other regions in the world.

The survey aims to highlight the heterogeneity characterizing the categories of returnees and analyzes their respective conditions, needs and aspirations.

Three broad categories of returnees are taken into consideration:

  1. Long-term immigrants residing abroad who returned to their country of origin;
  2. Temporary labour migrants who, following the termination of their short-term job contracts, returned to their home countries. This category may also include circular workers;
  3. Unauthorised migrants who were removed or expelled from their former destination country.

Such categories differ from one another in terms of:

  • Patterns of reintegration;
  • Return motivations;
  • Human and financial capital;
  • Patterns of resource mobilization;
  • Pre- and post-return conditions;
  • Experience of migration and duration;
  • Return preparedness.

The adopted methodology and definitions draw extensively on those used for the MIREM survey. Preliminary results and data analyses have been posted online.