Creating analytical tools, putting them at the disposal of researchers, migration stakeholders and decision-makers, providing information and making it easily accessible, constitute valuable initiatives raising awareness of the challenges linked to return migration and development in origin countries.

However, the objective of the MIREM project is not limited to the dissemination of innovative data on returnees’ heterogeneous profiles. It also lies in securing the concrete exploitation of the analytical data produced by the project team, including the field survey carried out with returnees to the Maghreb, with a view to understanding the factors shaping returnees’ reintegration patterns. This goal is critical in gradually heading towards solutions sustaining migrants’ reintegration for developmental ends.

Three meetings have been planned with a view to responding to this goal while enhancing the usefulness and quality of the collected empirical data vis-à-vis migration stakeholders in the Maghreb countries, the European Union and its Member States.



First meeting (Florence, 23-24 November 2007): Fostering a constructive dialogue on return, reintegration and development.

  • Enhancing the exploitation of the MIREM database;
  • Highlighting its concrete usefulness to all participants in the first meeting;
  • Pinpointing the general principles, shared by all the participants from the Maghreb countries and the EU Member states, that need to be considered in order to support the (temporary or permanent) reintegration of migrants in their country of origin;
  • Collecting all the queries expressed by the audience regarding issues which might not have been sufficiently developed or dealt with in the general report.


Second meeting (Rabat, 18-19 April 2008): Outlining an action framework and proposing some recommendations.

  • Replying to all the queries raised by the audience during the first meeting by further exploiting the empirical database;
  • Favouring the development of an action framework aimed at sustaining the reintegration of migrants for developmental ends, whether return is temporary or permanent ;
  • Reaching a consensus amongst Maghrebi and European migration stakeholders about how the action framework should be best outlined.


Third meeting (Florence, 3-4 November 2008): Identification of concrete measures sustaining the reintegration of migrants in their countries of origin for development concerns.

  • Drawing on the action framework which was designed during the second meeting with a view to heading towards concrete measures aimed at:
    • Strengthening the link between return migration and development;
    • Capitalising on the skills and savoir-faire acquired by the returnees through the implementation of ad hoc institutional mechanisms;
    • Designing provisions and analytical tools aimed at monitoring return flows and at better understanding their inherent heterogeneity.