There are three ways of accessing and using the database on return migrants to the Maghreb (DReMM):

  1. Access the main indicators and browse  the descriptive statistics with user-friendly tools:

  1. Advanced users can access the field data making sophisticated analyses online using Nesstar. ADPSS Sociodata at the Department of Sociology and Social Research (University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy) kindly accepted to host the DReMM. There are two types of data accessibility:
      • Free access to metadata, all variables and descriptive statistics;
      • Access following online registration. Once registered, you are allowed to download the full database to make more complex statistical calculations online.

  1. Advanced users can also download the full database directly from the RDP website. The DReMM is compressed (zipped) in a folder containing the formats in SPSS and in American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII).

All the variables contained in the DReMM strictly refer to those contained in the three-stage questionnaire that was used by the MIREM team during the implementation of the field survey.


Also, we strongly recommend reading the methodological framework of the MIREM survey before making use of the database and consulting the terminological glossary, as used by the MIREM project.


Disclaimer: The treatment and analysis of the data are the users’ sole responsibility. They cannot in any circumstances involve the European University Institute and the RDP.