Available statistical data do not sufficiently inform about return migration insofar as they do not take into consideration the factors and circumstances, in the former immigration country and in the origin country, which motivated return, nor do they allow the impact of returnees’ human and financial capital on the local economy and the household to be assessed. Moreover, they do not provide a thorough vision of the manifold sociodemographic characteristics of the returnees and of their various levels of contribution to development in the country of origin. The empirical data stem from a long-standing team work mobilising all the institutional partners of the MIREM project. 992 interviews were collected and processed following a methodological approach which was consensually defined and adopted by all the partners. The field survey, based on a common questionnaire, started at the same time in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, from September 2006 and ended in January 2007. Three interrelated migratory stages structure the questionnaire:

  1. The returnees’ conditions before they left for abroad;
  2. The returnees’ experience of migration lived abroad;
  3. The returnees’ post-return conditions in the country of origin.

Moreover, the numerous variables contained in the questionnaire allow the patterns of reintegration to be better grasped. Preliminary results can be accessed here. Also available: