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The Database on Return Migrants to the Maghreb (DReMM)

The Return migration and Development Platform proposes a user-friendly and more accessible version of the Database on Return Migrants to the Maghreb (DReMM). The DReMM stems from the fieldwork carried out in the framework of the MIREM project. It is based on around one thousand interviews made with return migrants in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. The DReMM constitutes a substantial source of information about North African return migrants’ patterns of reintegration and about their pre- and post-return conditions in their countries of origin. The database is divided into 3 parts or stages:
  • Part 1: refers to the situation of the interviewee before leaving for abroad;
  • Part 2: refers to the situation of the interviewee during the experience of migration lived abroad;
  • Part 3: refers to the situation of the interviewee after return and at the time of the interview, in the North African country of origin.
We suggest you carefully look at the methodology and glossary of the survey, before using the database. To use the database, please choose the main indicator from the list below. Then, click on the [+] symbol to cross your data with other variables selected in Parts 1, 2 or 3. If you wish, you may also add filters by clicking on [add a new filter]. Cross-tabulations will automatically appear on your screen. To obtain new cross-tabulations with variables of your own choice, please click on [reset all].

Select the main indicator :

[+] Background Indicators

[+] Part 1 – Situation in the country of origin before emigration

[+] Part 2 – Experience in the main country of immigration

[+] Part 3 – Return to the country of origin

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